Endgame 3d6 CON


3x Year

6 Tables

All RPGs

Continuing in the tradition of the Mini-Con and Square One RPG Day, we bring you the Endgame 3d6 CON. This is a triannual* day long event. We will feature six gaming tables of RPGs run by fabulous GMs.

*That’s 3 times a year folks.

Join us on Sunday, November 18th  from 11am – 5pm

Registration is now open!

Registration will close on November 11th or when we have filled all slots.

To register, send an email to jacobelindsay@gmail.com with the subject “3d6 CON Registration”. Please include your full name, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of game. IMPORTANT: You MUST list 3 choices. And Yes, they must be different games. If you don’t lists 3 different choices your registration will be looked as LAST! 

Once registration closes, we’ll use a lottery system to determine slots and will let you know which game you are signed up for. Registrants who do not receive their 1st choice will get priority booking for the next scheduled event.

Late registrations: If you miss the registration deadline you may still sign up for any game with open slots. Check the listings and send an email to jacobelindsay@gmail.com with the open game slot you would like to sign up for.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel, please do so by sending an email to jacobelindsay@gmail.com with the Subject: “3d6 CON Cancellation.” Please make sure to notify us in a timely manner if you need to cancel so that we can fill your slot.  If you are a “no show” or show a pattern of last minute cancellations, the organizers reserve the right to move you to the “end of the line” for future bookings.

Game Descriptions:

GM: Dwight Ockert

Scenario Title: An Offering to Vengeance

System: Runequest

Setting:  Greece circa 700 B.C.

Character Level: -

Characters: Provided

Number of Players: 5

Description: Nemesis, the divine god of retribution, the dispenser of dues, has hounded the last livings descendants of those who committed an act of blasphemy generations ago. Now a band of mercenaries seek an obscure shrine in order to make amends.

Rules/Setting Downloads: Runequest Quickstart pdf


GM: Michael Garcia

Scenario Title: The Long Orbit

System: Dreadhearts: Monsterhearts Skins with Dread mechanics

Setting: Distant Future

Character Level: N/A

Characters: Archetypical skins the player’s flesh out

Number of Players: 5

Description: You are part of a modest crew aboard a freighter which has just finished a yearlong interstellar travel to a remote colony. However, when you awake from stasis you feel something has changed within in you. Your senses are sharper, but you always feel on edge. Before your stasis, you saw your crewmates as just that, now they seem so much more dangerous and… alluring. You still wear the skin you always have, but something sinister coils underneath. You are a monster now, though you may not know it yet, and now you are trapped on this small vessel with at least four other monsters… or are they trapped with you? The Long Orbit is a game about space horror and romance inspired by Monsterhearts, but balanced precariously on top a Jenga tower, threatening to collapse at any moment. The game is simple: if you want to take an action you pull a block, and everyone take turns pulling blocks until the tower falls. If the tower falls on your pull, your character dies, but you may play a new character or remain as the old one to affect the narration of the survivors. Expect elements of body horror, graphic violence, player character antagonism, and sexual situations. Safety mechanism such as the X-card and Fade to Black will be available and respected.  


GM: Todd Evans

Scenario Title: League of Nicholas Cages: Trailer Park Shark Attack

System: Savage Worlds

Setting Rule:  Lose Your $#!% - Once per game your Nicholas Cage can lose his $#!% and you will get an extra D6 added to your rolls for two rounds.

Character Level: Heroic

Description: The flood waters are rising in the Red Rock West Trailer Park. Find the National Treasure and escape before the sharks get you. Oh, and one more thing. Everyone plays as Nicholas Cage.

Cameron Poe (Con Air) https://tinyurl.com/conairpoe

Rick Santoro (Snake Eyes) https://tinyurl.com/snakesantoro

Caster Troy (Face Off) https://tinyurl.com/facetroy

Edward Malus (Wicker Man) https://tinyurl.com/wickermalus

Big Daddy (Kick Ass) https://tinyurl.com/kickdaddy

Peter Loew (Vampire’s Kiss) https://tinyurl.com/vamploew

Sailor Ripley (Wild at Heart) https://tinyurl.com/wildsailor

H.I. McDunnough (Raising Arizona) https://tinyurl.com/raisingyhi

Stanley Goodspeed (The Rock) https://tinyurl.com/rockgood

Ben Sanderson (Leaving Las Vegas) https://tinyurl.com/vegasben


GM: Zed Lopez
Scenario Title: The Doom That Came to Pleasant Valley
System: Cortex Prime
Setting: High School Monster Hunters
Character Level: teenager, monster hunter
Characters: provided
Number of Players: 5
Description: It's happening again. A classmate turned up mauled and like usual, the grown-ups are useless, blaming gangs or bears or anything but what it really is. If you want the job done, you'll have to do it yourselves... before any more classmates have to die. For those familiar with Cortex Plus games, the Cortex Prime options in use will be similar to Dramatic Role-playing (Smallville) plus the Doom Pool from Heroic Role-playing (Marvel Heroic Role-playing). The characters' values and their relationships to each other will be more important game attributes than strength level. Beginners welcome.

GM: Adrian Romero

Scenario Title: Spawning Caverns of the Crab Men

System: Old School D&D (OSRIC / AD&D)

Setting: The Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde 

Character Level: 3rd or so

Characters: Breath life into a selection of pregenerated characters. 

Number of Players: 3-8

Description: Delve into a modern classic of the old school renaissance featuring open-ended encounters, unique environments, high risks and rewards, and abundant and varied decapod crustaceans of the order brachyura and those who love them. 

Rules/Setting Downloads: No experience necessary, newbies very welcome. Here are some rules http://www.knights-n-knaves.com/osric/downloads/OSRIC.pdf


GM: Wayne Coburn

Scenario Title: The Olympian Holobeam Array Catastrophe Project

System: Delta Green

Number of Players: 6

Description: Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day. The Olympian Holobeam Array, funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, was built to delve into a fringe theory of physics. It uses highly classified technology that its parent company developed in conjunction with the U.S. military. Delta Green has reason to suspect something is wrong and immediately pulled strings to launch an emergency inspection, sending the Agents to investigate under cover of a Department of Energy safety inspection.