Bolt Action Escalation League


EndGame will host and run a Bolt Action escalation league in 2016. Bolt Action is a 28mm scale miniatures game set in World War 2, published by Warlord Games. The league will last for 6 months starting in January. Whether you are new to Bolt Action or a veteran, all are welcome to participate!

Goal – The goal is to build and paint a 1,000-point Bolt Action army of your choice. Ideally, this will be an entirely new army for you. However, it’s okay to participate in the gaming portion of the league with an existing army that you have. Either way, this is a great way to get into Bolt Action or get an all-new army on the table!

Each month, you will acquire and paint a minimum number of points worth of units. Of course you can do more than the minimum. At the end of the month, we play games with the new units. On the game day, your miniatures are displayed for everyone to see and your efforts are scored. You will also earn points for games played and won during the month.

To join the league, you will submit a 1,000-point list that you will attempt to build out over the course of the league. This list is a blueprint for your army and of course you can modify it as you go along. It’s just a good way to plan what you will do.

In Bolt Action, a 1,000-point army is the “standard” comprising anywhere from 8 to 12 units depending on unit quality and the number of supporting units and teams you have. It generally gives you a platoon sized force with about 3 - 5 infantry squads, a tank or other transport or fighting vehicle, and a handful of specialist teams (like machine gun or mortar teams).

For those of you with an ambitious streak, you can, if you like, submit a 1,500-point list! This will allow you to get more specialized teams and vehicles into your army, or simply play bigger games.

You may use any historical theater selector for your army, or you can simply use the standard Reinforced Platoon selector, which will create an army you can use in most circumstances.

Here is the schedule for the league:

January – Core Units, build and paint 2 infantry squads and an officer.

February – Add 100 – 300 points + one objective marker.

March – Add 100 – 300 points + one objective marker.

April – Add 100 – 300 points + one objective marker.

May – Add 100 – 300 points + one objective marker.

June – Add 100 – 300 points + one objective marker.



To create your list, we highly recommend the Easy Army online list creation web page.

Submit your 1,000 point list to Mike by January 4. First game day is January 30.


Progress Tracking

We will track progress by awarding points for certain milestones and activities. Points will be awarded at the monthly game day.


Hobby Points

  • Unit(s) assembled but not painted (primed does not count as painted): 1 point.

  • Unit(s) fully painted and based by game day: 5 points (If base(s) are unpainted/unfinished: -1 point)

  • Painters Choice Award (on game day, voted by all present): 3 points

  • Judges Choice Award (on game day): 3 points

Fully painted means at least 3 colors laid down and the base finished. Primed does not count as painted. For a base to be considered finished it must at least have one type of basing material applied (which does not necessarily need to be painted, just applied).

Hobby points are awarded for your overall finished work submitted, not per unit painted, as long as you hit the 100-point minimum for the month. Some units, such as certain veteran tanks, are worth over 300 points. It’s fine to break the monthly points limit for units like these. So whether you painted a couple of bazooka teams or a 10-man squad or a single vehicle (or combination of units) for a given month, you are awarded 5 points. Likewise, if you have unfinished bases, it’s just -1 point overall, not -1 point for each unfinished base!

If you have a painting service (or anyone else) paint your miniatures, you’ll only get 1 point instead of 5, but they will still be eligible for the Painters and Judges Choice awards.

The Judges Choice Award is awarded to the judge’s favorite in a given month, and may not always be awarded! To get this a model/unit needs to go a little beyond just a standard paint job. Conversions and particularly scenic bases can help you win this award.


Gaming Points

  • Play a game: 1 point

  • Win a game: 3 points

  • Tie a game: 1 point

On game days, we’ll play at least two games. Some game days may have a historical theme or specific focus. We may have special scenarios and rules or do team games. Whatever we do, you’ll get to play against the other players in the league and get some fun games in.

Also, not only will we track gaming points per player, we will also track them per historical alliances, Allied vs Axis, to see who wins the war!

Monthly game days are TBA but will generally be at the end of each month.



  • Do I have to buy models from EndGame? No, but we would appreciate it if you did! We can source products from Warlord Games as well as several other historical minis manufacturers such as Artizan and West Wind. If there is something you want, just ask and we’ll see if we can get it, and you won’t pay shipping!

  • Can I use a painted army I already have? Yes, but you obviously won’t earn any points for painting.

  • Can I use unpainted models that I already have? Yes.

  • Can I use figures that I’ve already partially painted? If you are bringing them to completion yes, but let the judge know.

  • I have some units already done (painted) and some unpainted. Can I use these? Yes, but you won’t get points for the units you have already painted prior to the league starting.

  • Can I figure out some other way of getting out of having to do any painting or hobby work? I dunno, you tell me! We want to reward those who put in the time and effort to build and paint their armies. It’s fine to just play games and use painted models you already have, but we hope you’ll strive to produce a brand new fully painted army!

  • Can I only earn game points on the monthly game days? Any game of Bolt Action that you play against someone else participating in the league will count (assuming you report it).

  • Do I have to only play against my army’s historical opponents? No, you can play against the same army as yours (or its allies). Consider it a training exercise.


At the end of the league, we will hand out the following awards:

Best Painted (based on hobby points earned)

Best Single Model (voted for by all present)

Best Unit (voted for by all present)

Best General (based on gaming points earned)

Commanding General (based on combined hobby and gaming)

Contact Information

For questions please email