Bolt Action at EndGame


Bolt Action is a World War 2 miniatures game by Warlord Games. Played at the popular 28mm scale, it is one of the most widely played historical miniatures games on the market - and we play it monthly at EndGame! In the past we have run escalation leagues, "campaign in a day" game days, and longer campaigns based on historical events, such as the Battle of the Bulge.

In the first half of 2018, we are focusing on the Pacific Theater of the war, but players with armies of any nation are welcome to join us on the monthly game days, usually held on the last Sunday of the month (see our event calendar).

The best way to connect with our community of players is through our Facebook group, EndGame Bolt Action Players. Join the group and you can see all our pictures of various events, discuss the game, and simply connect with other Bolt Action players.

For more information about the game, or to arrange a demo game, contact Mike Montesa