It is with sincere regret that we must inform you the EndGame Cafe has closed. Before we get into the how's and the why's, let us thank Charles, Rheaven, Will, Roman, Ramona, and Phelan for all the hard work they have done for us.

What happened? Plain and simple, our plans didn't work as we hoped. We never had the evening adoption we'd hoped for, the neighborhood had a terribly slow convention season our first full year, and in the end, sales just didn't meet whats necessary to keep the cafe open. Our model was super staff heavy, and our sales never caught up to that cost (with a few exceptionally good conventions). Ultimately, our plans were ambitious, and we as owners failed to make them work.

 What is next? To be honest, we aren't quite sure. We hope to keep the Endgame side of the business up and running. At the time of this update, we have a lot of unknowns we are facing, but have contingencies for many of them. We aren't sure what to expect from the landlords on this issue and a couple of others we have been facing from them long term. That is the biggest unknown for Endgame. Projections show we should be 'ok' on the EG side of the house, but projections are just those. We have a lot of high profile, large attendance events coming up, so that will help. 

What about the Wall and the Plaques and the other rewards from the KSer? The wall itself is about a 1.2GB file, slow to work on (even with professional level gear). The artist stopped by to say he was about 80% there. The plaques are finished, and waiting to be hung. If we make it through this, it's all going up. Every single bit of it. Anything that was intended to go into the cafe will be hung on the wall we used to enter through. You helped us do a thing, and we owe you the recognition for doing it. Hideously late, and with the business closed; but it will go up. 

 There have been a lot of ifs in this whole thing, are you guys going to make it? The “ifs" really depend on the owners of the building. They are the random factor at play here. Our debt, our monthly tithe, etc is all very well known. So, if we maintain our lease through this, AND we continue our record sales year, we should be ok. But you can see why we are a little leery of promises at this point. Thank You For everything over not just the past year, but for everything. Your faith, trust, community, and patronage. We will keep you updated as we know more.