Flames of War

EndGame will be hosting a 65-pt Flames of War - Mid-War Tournament on Saturday, July 14. We have space for up to 14 players. There is a $10 entry fee, payable on the day of the event.

65 Points Mid-War

Lists may be built from the following sources:

 Afrika Korps, Armored Fist, Avanti, Desert Rats, Fighting First


Registration - 10:00 am

Round #1 - 10:30 -12:50 pm

Lunch Break, Armies on Parade (Will try to expedite by ordering Pizzas) - 12:50-1:40

Round #2 - 1:40 - 4:00 pm

Round #3 - 4:15 - 6:35 pm

Debriefing and Awards

To sign up, send your army list to Wyn Robertson at wynriii@hotmail.com by July 7th, at 7pm.