Dear Friends of EndGame,

There are a lot of fun quips or old-timey phrases that could be inserted here, but none seem to work or matter. Instead, we must let you know that we will be closing EndGame on February 1, 2019. Rather than spend time talking about the past, let's talk about the next couple months, here and now.

·      STORE HOURS AND SCHEDULED EVENTS will stay THE SAME through December 31. No changes.

·      January will be our closeout month. We WILL be selling off EVERYTHING in the store including the materials, fixtures and furniture in the upstairs gaming space. We will have more details about this to come.

·      Beginning January 1, 2019, our business hours will be M – F 12 – 7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m, CLOSED Sunday.

·      THE EVENT CALENDAR AND THE GAMING SPACE WILL BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED AFTER DECEMBER 31. We may have some special events in January to be announced, but again, the gaming space upstairs will be closedthere will be no evening or weekend gaming as of January 1, 2019.

·      PLEASE watch our website, email and social media for upcoming information about the closure, and any special events in January.

Closing the business will involve some expenses for us, and this is where we wish to ask for your help for the last time. We would like to have our BEST Holiday toy drive ever. It's our chance to give back one last time. Our toy bins and our Holiday Giving Tree are already out and ready. Purchasing a toy or a giving tree donation both helps our community and helps us close gracefully.

That's the essential stuff... So why are we closing?

Two key reasons: Fatigue, and Reality. We are all pretty exhausted. Many of us have been doing this for a long time. Some have moved on. Some remain active only behind the scenes. Some you see every day. But we are all tired. That's focused us on the reality that is knowing that when our lease extension comes around early next year, we can't afford it.

We've had the discussion with our landlords already, and we are talking at a minimum double the rent we are already paying if we sign a new lease. Expenses are generally running high and margins are already razor thin as it is, and that all makes continuing on untenable. So we have come to the difficult decision to close. We’d like to do this as smoothly as possible, going out as we'd like to be remembered, and hopefully leaving you all with many happy years of great memories. No swirling the bowl for us.

That's really it. No hidden drama. Just fatigue and reality. As we say, spending money and buying out our stuff will be essential to helping us close down. We'll need your help there. Asking this of you is probably the most uncomfortable part for us.

All of that said, let's end 2018 at EndGame Irish wake style. Every game night a party, every round played a reason for celebration. We’ve had a great run, from 2001 to 2019 and you have all made that possible.

Thank you for everything!

Game on!