Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-release!


On January 16 & 17, EndGame will host the first pre-release event of 2016!

Entry: $30 per player

What we need

  • Your first and last name
  • DCI# (if you've never played at the store)
  • 2-Headed Giant partner name (if applicable)
  • Send to endgame@endgameoakland.com 

What you get

  • 4 Oath of the Gatewatch booster packs
  • 2 Battle for Zendikar booster packs
  • 1 randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card
  • 1 Spindown Life Counter
  • 1 deckbuilding advice insert
  • Plus additional prizes based on record!

The event will be a 4 round sealed deck tournament. For more information on this please visit: http://magic.wizards.com/en/gameinfo/gameplay/formats/sealeddeck

The 2-Headed giant events will run the same number of rounds and also be sealed, except players will initially share cards to build their decks. For more on 2HG: http://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/wpn/EN/EN_OGW/Accessories/twoheadedgiant.pdf

Event Schedule:

1/16/16 Midnight: Solo sealed

1/16/16 11AM: Solo Sealed

1/16/16 5PM: Solo Sealed

1/16/16 5PM: 2HG Sealed

1/17/16: 11AM: 2HG Sealed (only!)

Note if you need a partner for 2HG, please make a note in your email and we'll try to match you with another player! We're doing extra 2HG this time because the set is specially designed for the format.

Happy gaming!