EndGame is a full-line game store and community hub located in downtown Oakland. We sell board games, card games, classic games, puzzles, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and gaming-related hobby supplies.


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Endgame will be hosting a four-week Aether Revolt League from February 14th through March 12th. Read on for a full breakdown of how the league will work. Remember: if your questions aren't answered here, always check with your judges!


Saturday, February 11th, and Sunday, February 12th, $10 entry fee. Standard constructed, Regular Rules Enforcement Level, and swiss rounds with no cut to Top 8. Signups begin at 10am, rounds begin at 11am.


Planeswalkers! EndGame is happy to announce that due to high demand we’re hosting more Regular Rules Enforcement Level (REL) tournaments. Our M:tG community is hands down one of the strongest at the store, and we want to help you get your fix between the bigger, more competitive events.


It takes an unreal amount of time, energy, and passion to make a store like ours run. And that comes from the community just as much as it does from folks behind the counter. We’ve always been immensely proud of the people who spend their time at EndGame, and as we charge into 2017, we want to share with you some of the highlights of 2016.


Hail, 40k fans! The Ordo Pacificus Chapter of the 40K Fight Club is back in action. They have big plans for 2017, and most exciting among them is their partnership with Faultline 40k, a group that values good-looking tables, camaraderie, and fun times in the grim darkness of the far future. If you're interested in joining their first official event on 1/28, read on.


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