Big News! The Future is Here!

Hey everyone!

We have some exciting news to share! Many of you have met Matt before at the store. He's been on staff with us full time for a year now, and a while before that he acted as EndGame's first Kids' Coordinator. (There have been two more since.) He has been a customer at the store since he was 12 years old, playing Warhammer 40k, Magic, and more. 

In short, he's been around off and on since we started the store — and so it just feels right to introduce you to Matt, again, in a new role, as the latest Owner/Partner of EndGame!

With the opening of the new café, EndGame is about to double its staff, and that means we needed help. Matt has been that help the whole time. While there won't be muchchange noticeable to the world at large, there's already been a bunch changing behind the scenes as Matt has stepped in to help us fill the café-induced gaps. Like we've said, he's always been part of the family, and now we're getting the chance to make it official.

Next time you are in, take a moment to congratulate Matt! He has been a big part of our success in this past year, and a huge factor in our confidence to grow the business. If you're as excited about opening the café as we are, you've got Matt to thank for it. 

So let's hear it! HUZZAH, MATT!