Recap: Minis Swap Meet 2015

EndGame Miniatures Swap Meet

Your supply of white metal, resin, and PVC has grown to monstrous proportions. Searching for a bit is like spelunking into a tomb. When did you buy that model? What were you thinking when you made that conversion? Maybe that mini would be good for the upcoming campaign...

Any miniatures hobbyist who's been at it for a few years knows well the pains of the game. While your shelves swell with fresh ranks of painted troops, there is an ever-growing box of bitz, old minis, and forgotten rulebooks that never made the cut. Large or small, it's a box of shame and regretful spending.

So what do you do? Well, one person's garbage might be someone else's gold. Enter the EndGame Minis Swap Meet. 2015 brought plenty of old collections as armies, bitz, and models were exchanged. We don't hold this every year so everyone's collection can grow (or fester) enough to make each swap meet fruitful for everyone.

Check out some of the collections we saw in the gallery below. If you missed out this time, don't worry! We'll post the next time we host one, but keep in mind that will most likely be some time in 2017.