New Releases!

New stuff has arrived!

As many of our dice-obsessed customers know, we do our best to keep our shelves up to date with the latest tabletop games. Our front table is always fresh with new releases, but in case you can't make it down just to window shop and aren't up on what's hot, here's a list of brand new games that arrived this week:

  • SeaFall - $79.00
  • Pandemic Cthulhu - $49.99
  • The Others 7 Deadly Sins - $99.99
  • Star Trek Ascendancy - $100.00
  • Betrayal at the House on the Hill Widows Walk - $25.00
  • X-Wing Heroes of the Resistance - $39.95

In other product-related news, we're currently doing something we almost never do: running a sale! Specifically, we're trying to clear out old Games Workshop product. We have some boxes that have been on the shelf for too long, so all GW items with a white sticker are 30% off.