Restock Madness: Puzzle Edition

Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve stocked up on some of our most popular items. We’ve got something in here for everyone from puzzles to dice bags and glow-in-the-dark dice. Check out the full list and get inspired!

Metal Earth

We've had a huge restock of Metal Earth folding steel puzzles! Made from laser cut stainless steel, these models are scale replicas of a variety of things real and fantastical. Simply cut each piece from the sheet using nippers, then fold and bend the appropriate tabs to form the finished item.

We've restocked old models too, including the very popular R2D2!

The restock includes new Star Wars models such as a BB-8 and a gold C3PO. We've also added the Metal Earth bug and dinosaur line! New ICONIX models, designed to be more detailed for advanced modelers, include a larger scale Millennium Falcon and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Upcoming this season, we have a complete set of models for the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, including the TIE Stalker and U-Wing fighter. In the ICONIX line, we're especially excited for the Silver Dragon and Freight Train set soon to be released.

Check our website and e-mail list for updates when we receive new Metal Earth models and restock popular ones!



We’ve done a deep restock on Tarot for the holiday season. Including standbys, such as Rider-Waite, Thoth and African Tarot decks, we’ve also added some new items including Medieval Cat Tarot, Phantasmagoric Tarot, and The Hobbit Tarot!


We’ve got a lot more than just Metal Earth puzzles! We’ve restocked all our jigsaw, traditional, and 3D puzzle lines as well.

Springbok, Eurographics, and Melissa & Doug form the core of our puzzle selection. We have something for everyone from 30-60 piece puzzles for children all the way to 1500-2000 pieces for advanced puzzlers. Our puzzles feature a variety of themes including nature, landscape, animal, Americana, cars, spaceships, and so much more! 

This year, we’ve added some new specialty puzzles to our mix including memory-care puzzles and easy-grip puzzles. Our 3D puzzle selection has grown to include Crystal 3D puzzles and Lifestyle Puzzle Vases. These super cool puzzles click together uniquely, no pieces are repeated, to form 3D shapes. The Lifestyle puzzles can even be used to hold flowers!

Dice Bags

We have two fantastic new local dice bag makers: d-Bag Dice Bags, and Sam's Leather Bags.

d-Bag Dice Bags, available in a variety of fabrics, are large sized to hold a HUGE number of dice. When opened flat, each dice bag acts as a dice tray! We have them in a selection of patterns, from space to dragon skin, and are excited to restock more designs in the future.


Sam's Leather Bags are fantastic, mixed, used-bottle-style pouches. Handmade from 100% natural leather, these dice bags break-in during use and can be worn as a belt pouch! Use them often to get a nice, supple, dice bag, or be gentle and they will keep their shape. We even use one to hold our EndGame coins!

Glow-in-the Dark & Metal

Its not often EndGame brings in dice cool enough to post about, but these are very cool! Metal Dice Games make a variety of metal, stone, and glow-in-the-dark dice. We've stocked a selection of 35mm metal D20s, painted and plain metal polyhedral sets, and a selection of glow-in-the-dark polyhedral sets. There are more to come in a variety of stones.

We’re excited to feature all the new stock in time for the holiday season, and we hope you can check it out soon!