Frostgrave Painting Competition

Calling all wizards!

EndGame is running a Frostgrave painting competition! Frostgrave is a fast, fun, fantasy skirmish miniatures game of wizards and their henchmen searching for treasure in a frozen lost city. The game does not require the use of any particular manufacturer's miniatures and so is a great outlet for your creativity in painting and converting. So, we thought a painting competition (and an associated game day of course!) were in order!

Here are the categories:

  • Best Wizard
  • Best Apprentice or Soldier
  • Best Warband (Wizard plus Warband, Apprentice optional)
  • Best Monster

How to enter:

1. Create a Wizard and their Warband according to the Frostgrave rules. Your Wizard and all the members of the Warband must be individually named! Fill out a Wizard sheet (download from the Osprey website) according to the Frostgrave rules.

2. Acquire and paint your miniatures. You may use minis from any manufacturer! You do not have to buy them from EndGame, but we hope you will! We can source minis from many manufacturers, including Reaper and others. Just ask!

3. Bring your painted miniatures to EndGame before April 23. We will display them in our display cabinets until the Game Day on May 8 when the winners will be announced!

Rules and Restrictions

1. Each participant may submit only one entry per category. By submitting a Wizard and Warband, you are automatically entered in each category except the Monster category.

2. It is okay to submit only a single Wizard model, or a single Apprentice model, or a single Soldier model.

3. To submit an entry in the Monster category, you must submit a model that represents a Monster included in the Frostgrave rules or any official supplements. A Monster entry can include multiple models, for example a group of skeleton warriors, but will be judged as a single entry.

4. You must do your own painting! You may not submit minis painted by anyone other than yourself. You can of course play games with minis painted by someone else, but be honest about it. If it is discovered that you misrepresented another person's work as your own, your entry will be immediately disqualified and you will be subject to shame, scorn and ridicule! Yay!


Judging is open to the public! Anyone who comes into the store and views the models in the display cases between may vote their favorites until May 7. The EndGame store staff will also vote their favorites.

Winners will be determined by a combination of popular vote and a vote of the contest organizers, and announced on the game day on May 8.


We will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category. Nothing fancy but there will some loot handed out.

Grab your paints and brushes and get to work!