The Force is Strong With This One... Heck the Force is Strong With all of Them!

In celebration of the awesomeness that is Star Wars, we're hosting a Star Wars RPG game day on 6/11 from 11AM to 5PM! Some of our finest local GMs have offerings of various official (and non-official) Star Wars systems. Please join us for this free event, and bring non-perishable food to support the Alameda County Community Food Bank. 


Date: June 11th

Start Time: 11AM (arrive a little early so we can start on time)

Cost: Free, but please bring food to donate.

Registration: To view the games on offer, and to sign up, please visit the event booking page HERE. Once you register, be sure to click the link in the confirmation mail you receive! If you do not click that link within 10 minutes, the system will not complete your booking and your spot is still open and some else can take it!

Sign up, and may the Force be with you!