Thank You for a Great 2016!

It takes an unreal amount of time, energy, and passion to make a store like ours run. And that comes from the community just as much as it does from folks behind the counter. We’ve always been immensely proud of the people who spend their time at EndGame, and as we charge into 2017, we want to share with you some of the highlights of 2016.

First and foremost, the EndGame Café opened its doors at last. You all helped make it a huge success, and we can now provide food and drink to our gamers and the Bay Area at large. Your patience and dedication helped keep the project together, and your consistent patronage has helped make the EndGame Café something we’re all extremely proud of.

With the Café came a huge influx of new staff. The EndGame Café has exceeded our expectations due in large part to our incredible new family members. Each one of them has gone above and beyond to create a café experience that exemplifies our goals as a community hub. Furthermore, we’ve also brought on new staff for the EndGame storefront to help out with our weekly game nights. Their excellent service has allowed the owners to dedicate more time and energy to the café. We can’t thank any of them enough. 

Between using Kickstarter, opening and running the café, and rapidly expanding our family, we’ve learned that we are still learning. Big changes like these create a ton of new challenges, and as we grow we’re only getting better at what we do.

One of our main goals as a gaming store is to provide space for all types of tabletop gamers to play. As evidenced by the number of special events we’ve hosted, you all have been making amazing use of the mezzanine: we had over 90 special events in 2016 alone! 

Big kudos go out to our Magic: The Gathering crowd for their show of passion this year. We were able to run every M:tG pre-release, launch, and game day. And each one nearly filled the mezzanine. Moreover, Tuesday Modern, Thursday Casual, and Friday Night Magic have been going strong and show no signs of slowing down. Last but not least, we’ve has the pleasure of hosting Sunday Brunch Magic in the café on the first Sunday of each month. The Magic community is one of our oldest, biggest, and strongest.

In the world of miniatures, our hats are off to the Bolt Action and Infinity communities. Both groups have had strong showings in the past year and helped the miniatures hobby community grow. No other minis games have packed in nearly as many players! 

Our board-gamers also deserve a heartfelt thank you for filling the house almost every Wednesday night. Board games have been steadily growing in popularity, and the Wednesday night crowd has been welcoming towards beginners and veterans alike. As a result, they fill EndGame up to the rafters nearly every week.  

Lastly, we’re proud to say that our kids-oriented inventory is bigger than ever before. We increased our offerings of engaging toys, books, and games last year and the response has been inspiring.  

Whether you’re a store regular or have stopped in a couple of times, thanks for making 2016 a great year for our store!