M:tG Grand Prix Trials: Las Vegas

Going to GP Las Vegas? Want to earn two byes for each of the main events? EndGame is hosting several Grand Prix Trials between March and May, each with different formats!

For a quick n' dirty breakdown of the event, skip to the bottom.

For March, we will have a Standard GPT on the 25th. A Modern GPT will follow on the 26th.

In April, we will have a Limited GPT on each of April 29th and 30th, running concurrently with Release weekend.

When May rolls around, we will hold a Legacy GPT on May 13th and a Limited GPT on May 27th.

We will be capping each GPT at 32 players, so make sure to preregister here.

Preregistration for each event will close at midnight prior to each corresponding GPT.

What does a Limited GPT mean? Players will begin the day with a sealed pool comprising sx Amonkhet packs and battle through swiss rounds. The top eight players will then draft a new deck using a provided Amonkhet draft set followed by single elimination matches for final standings.

What constitute “constructed?" Constructed tournaments include Standard, Modern, and Legacy, each with their own card pools and banned lists. Players are expected to bring a 60 (minimum) card format-legal deck with a sideboard consisting of up to 15 cards. Please check the legality of your deck before each tournament begins. For more information on each constructed format, please refer to the links below:

All GPT’s held at EndGame are sanctioned WotC events and cannot contain proxies.

Grand Prix Trials Las Vegas:

$15 entry (constructed), $40 entry (limited)

  • March 25 (Standard)
  • March 26 (Modern)
  • April 29 (Limited)
  • April 30 (Limited)
  • May 13 (Legacy)
  • May 27 (Limited)

Each GPT will be capped at 32 players, so preregister early!

Preregistration can be completed here.

Basic Info.

  • On-site registration: 10AM – 10:45AM
  • Event start time: 11AM
  • Regular REL
  • Swiss Rounds, with a cut to top eight
  • Payout to Top 8 in store credit. 1st place receives two byes in each Las Vegas Grand Prix.