Tales from EndGame Café

We're still setting up EndGame Cafe's own site to provide you with news and announcements from our team next door, but we can't hold back on telling you about some of the great things happening over there!


We are very happy to have added Matcha drinks to the Cafe Menu. Thanks to our neighborhood friends at Umami Mart, we have been able to source delicious, quality Matcha for a variety of delicious drinks. 

  • Hot or Iced Mizuba Matcha 8oz $4.00
  • Hot or Iced Mizuba Matcha Latte 8oz $4.00
  • Hot Matcha Blend Latte 12oz, 16oz, $4.40/$4.75
  • Iced Matcha Blend Latte 16oz $4.75
  • Mizuba Daily Matcha 40g. $20

We also welcome a new bakery to the Endgame Cafe lineup: Batch Bakery of Oakland. They’re supplying us with cookies, cupcakes, and scones to compliment our pastry and baked goods options. 

We're also thrilled to feature =regular monthly events: 

First Friday Art Show: we feature a new artist every month with art for sale!  This month’s artist is Alexsandra Chelini

Magic: The Gathering Draft Brunch: 1st Sunday of the month, 11am-3pm

Open Mic Night: 3rd Thursday of the Month, March 16th at 6pm

If you haven't already, come on down and check it all out! If you happen to be gaming, fresh food and drinks are mere meters away.