Community Highlight: Bolt Action Escalation League

There comes a point in every miniature gamer’s life when they set aside their bolters and bows and wander towards the harrowing, real-world battles of World War II. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of systems and figure lines that support that interest. At EndGame, the latest game to capture our community’s attention is Bolt Action. At 28mm players can lead small platoons of WWII troops through a variety of historic battles and design their own maps and scenarios.

The Bolt Action escalation league is helmed by our very own event coordinator, Mike Montesa. Mike decided to use the escalation format to help new players discover the game and slowly but surely build up their force.

An escalation league works just the way it sounds: the first month features a very limited number of models, but each month gamers are expected to bring a larger force than the last time. As many miniature gamers can attest to, it’s easy to buy faster than one can build. But, an escalation league encourages everyone to build and paint at a reasonable pace.

Another advantage to the escalation format is that it gives everyone a chance to learn the rules without getting torn up by players with a stronger grasp on the nuances of the game. Players start with the bare minimum to learn basic rules, then learn more about advanced play as they add more interesting units like mortar teams and vehicles into the mix.

Each game day for the Bolt Action escalation league has been packed with Allied and Axis players, all on point with fully-painted, freshly expanded armies. Cheers to Mike and the Bolt Action community for keeping the hobby going!