Greetings everyone!

On Saturday, June 17, EndGame is proud to host the X-Wing Miniatures Store Championship!

Here are the rules we'll be following for the X-Wing Store Championship event:

Entry details: Players will be limited to 24 due to store space and a $10 fee will be charged which can be paid at the front counter the day of the event. Registration is required! To register, go to our event registration page at this link.  

VERY IMPORTANTAfter you register, you will receive a confirmation email. You MUST click the link in that email to confirm your registration. If you do not click that link you are NOT registered and your space can be taken by someone else!

Allowed ships/cards:  As of now ships through the wave 10 will be allowed.  Wave 11 & C-Rocstandard ships will be legal if they're in stores by early June.  Please bring 2 printed copies of your squad & asteroids to the event.  One will go to the tournament organizer (Brian) to verify and the other is for your opponent to look at if needed as a match is played.  Plenty of squad builder websites can be found via a Google search.  We'll use Cryodex to determine pairings and opponents each round.

Match rules:  All rules set forth in the official tournament guidelines will be followed.  Any rules questions should be directed to the tournament organizer (Brian Francis) or one of his designated associates.

Match rounds:  Each round will be 85 minutes with 75 minutes of gameplay and a 10 break for scoring calculations.  We will try to stick to the following schedule as closely as possible so some breaks might be shorter than others.


  • Registration: 10:00-10:30am
  • Round 1: 10:30am-11:55am
  • Round 2: 11:55am-1:20pm
  • Lunch: 1:20-1:50pm
  • Round 3: 1:50-3:15pm
  • Round 4: 3:15-4:40pm (if over 16 players cut to top 4 after this round)
  • Round 5: 4:40-6:05pm (first round of elimination)
  • Finals: 6:05pm-??? (championships)

*If there are 16 or fewer players then the 5th round & finals will be eliminated per FFG tournament rules.

** Note that because the finals must be un-timed per FFG tournament rules it is possible that an alternate location and/or day might be required for the final game.  EndGame has a hard closing time of 7 p.m. on weekends. If there is not enough time for the final round, the tournament organizer (Brian) will work with both finalists to try to ensure as fair of a location as possible is used for the 2 finalists.

Prizes:  Prizes below will come from the championship kit as outlined by FFG

  • 1st Place – Store championship plaque and a card granting a first round bye at a regional championship
  • Top 2 - One Agent Kallus token
  • Top 4 – Acrylic range 1 and range 2 rulers
  • Top 8 – One acrylic range 1-3 ruler
  • Top 24 – One Engine Upgrade card
  • Gift cards!  (final dollar amounts pending number of players in attendance)

Parking: The city of Oakland does enforce meters on Saturdays if you choose to drive.  Its recommended to use a pay lot to avoid meter issues or take BART.  Nobody wants to sit and wait while you run to feed the meter.

No jerks, and may the force be with you.