Hour of Devastation Sealed Magic League

EndGame will be running Hour of Devastation Sealed Magic League from July 20th to August 16th.

What is League?

A League is a multi-week format where you'll play magic against many opponents! It’s a great way to dip your toes into Magic, as it’s very easy to learn and pick up. For EndGame’s Sealed League, you pay $30 for 6 packs, and will open some of the boosters to make a 30 card deck to battle every week, changing its configuration as you unlock more packs. Unlike with most sanctioned tournaments, in League each match is just one game, and players get a free mulligan each game.

What are EndGame’s League rules?

Cost to join: $30

Upon joining, players will receive:

  • 4 Hour of Devastation booster packs (only open 3 on week 1!)
  • 2 Amonkhet booster packs
  • 1 Hour of Devastation league card (record all your matches on this)
  • 1 league card storage box

Build a 30-card minimum deck from your starting boosters and start playing! We start with 3 packs in Week 1.

During Weeks 2, 3, and 4, you open an additional Hour of Devastation or Amonkhet booster (week 2 = 4 packs, week 3 = 5 packs, and week 6 = 6 packs). Modify your deck however you see fit! Minimum deck size remains the same at 30 cards regardless of the week. You may also purchase and add 1 Hour of Devastation booster once a week, after 3 losses.

How do matches work in this League?

Each pair of Magic players will play a best of ONE game, no time limit. Unlike in a three-game match, the first mulligan is to a full hand of seven (but with no Scry unless you take another mulligan down to six or fewer cards). Each week, you will take your own League Card from the register and record your results as you play, noting which Week it is. Please return them to the register after you are done.

What do we get for playing?

The promo for Hour of Devastation league will be special dark red 4-sided dice, and packs based on final standings. You must have at least 10 recorded matches in order to qualify for the 4-sided die.

Are Hour of Devastation/Amonkhet Invocations allowed?
Yes, as long as you opened them in your pool. As with any Sealed Tournament, you may only play with cards you personally opened.

How late can we join?

Players may join the League at any time during the four-week long period. You may open boosters to match the current week if you join late. You may drop and rejoin the League once.

Where do we keep our decks?

Keep them with you when you want to play league! We will be giving you a League card storage box, feel free to use these!

Help! How do I find opponents?

We have several Magic nights throughout the week, so Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights are your best bet. You can show up a little early to see if anyone wants to get league games in, or you can play between rounds. It's best to coordinate with others in the group so you're guaranteed some games!

If you're not in the Endgame Magic Facebook group, feel free to send a request and introduce yourself to one of the staff or judges and we can connect you to the rest of the community.

Where should we play our matches?

Please try to keep league games within Endgame or Endgame Cafe, and record results as soon as you are finished.

Where do I report my results?

Each week, you will take your own League Card from the register and record your results as you play. Along with your opponent’s name and whether you won or lost, please indicate the current Week (1, 2, 3, or 4). Please return them to the register after you are done.

When does the week reset?

The week resets on Monday. If you accumulate 3 losses within a week, you may purchase an additional booster (separate from the 6 you start the League with) to add to your pool. You may do this once a week.

Can I play the same opponent more than once?

You may play the same opponent as many times as you wish, but the first match will be recorded for the week. Feel free to play your friends as much as you wish!