EndGame 2017 Minis Flea Market

Minis gamers, get ready to purge your closet! It’s time for the EndGame 2017 Minis Flea Market!

Have some old minis you are never going to do anything with? Want some new ones you don’t have the cash for? Looking for bargains? Then this event is for you! Bring in your old stuff to sell or trade on Sunday, August 13 from 11am-3pm.

Sellers, you must reserve a table for your stuff as there is limited space available. Please email mike@endgameoakland.com and state what size table you will need. Table reservations are first-come, first-served until we run out of space. One table reservation per seller. We have the following sizes:

8’x4’ (32 square feet - one of our big minis tables) Please do not request this size table if you cannot completely fill the table top. This is for people who have multiple cartloads of stuff.

4’x4’ (16 square feet - half of a big minis table) Good if you have several boxes/bags/containers of stuff but do not require a full-sized table.

3’x6’ (folding table on the lower mezzanine) Roughly 18 square feet though they are a little less than 3 feet wide.

3’x3’ (half of a folding table on the lower mezzanine) Good if you just have a single banker/storage box/backpack/bag of stuff.

Seller table set-up will begin at 10am the morning of the event. At 10:30am, sellers may take a half an hour to look over the other sellers’ stuff. At 11AM we will open the upstairs to the public for the frenzy to begin! The event will end promptly at 3pm, so get here on time!

How it works: Buyer and seller agree on a price for an item. This price is recorded on a 2-part buyer/seller sheet. The seller keeps the top portion of the sheet and the buyer gets the bottom portion. The buyer does not receive the item just yet. Retaining the bottom part of the sheet with the agreed upon price on it, the buyer then proceeds downstairs to pay for the item at the counter (multiple items can of course be paid for at the same time), and brings the register receipt back upstairs to the seller to receive the item. Sellers will receive EndGame gift cards with store credit for the total of all their items sold during the day.

Trades: You may offer items for direct trade. In this case, no purchase is made, no receipt is required but no cash or credit is exchanged.

There are few simple rules:
1. We request that you ONLY bring miniatures, miniatures rules, and finished terrain to your seller’s table.

2. NO board games, RPGs, card games or terrain making supplies (such as flock, sand, moss, etc).

3. Items may only be traded, or sold for EndGame store credit. No cash may exchange hands between buyers and sellers during the Flea Market.

IMPORTANT: Sellers, if you cannot attend, after reserving your table, for whatever reason, please give me at least 24 hours notice (preferably more) so that I may offer your table space to someone else. If you do not show up on the day, without at least 24 hours advance warning, you will have a lower priority for table space at future miniatures flea markets.