Board Game Auction Lots Available on the 11th!


Don't forget! Is your closet overflowing with board games? When are you really going to play that game next? Let us help you take old stuff off your hands and give it a new home! Lots for the EndGame Holiday Board Game Auction are open on Monday, the 11th.

What makes this auction special, other than the date?  You will be able to donate a portion of ALL of your auction credit to Oakland's Holiday Toy drive, and by doing so, help not only the children of Oakland experience a happy holiday season, but help EndGame prosper in 2018 as well. For more info on why we are doing this now, please see this update.

For full details, please see the holiday boardgame auction page. When you bring your games in for the auction, you will be asked to set a starting bid price, and fill out a seller's form.  Download the seller's form AT THIS LINK and fill it out before you bring in your games to save yourself some time. The form contains instructions. The last day we will be accepting items for the auction is Thursday, October 5th. No items will be taken in on Friday or the day of the auction itself.