Minis Flea Market and Mezzanine Liquidation Sale!


Friends, in light of EndGame’s closure at the end of January, we will be hosting our final miniatures flea market on Saturday, January 12, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Have some old minis you are never going to do anything with? Want some new ones you don’t have the cash for? Looking for bargains? Then this event is for you!

Bring in your old stuff to sell or trade! EndGame will also be liquidating our miniatures terrain and other selected miniatures gaming related items! Please note that this is ONLY for items on our mezzanine. Retail items on our downstairs sales floor are not included in this sale.

Things will be a bit different than similar events we have held in the past so please pay attention to the following:

Sellers, you must reserve a table for your stuff as there is limited space available. This time, there is a table fee based on the size of the table you need. Please email and state what size table you will need. Table reservations are first-come, first-served until we run out of space. One table reservation per seller. We have the following sizes:

  • 8’x4’ - $20 (32 square feet - one of our big minis tables) Please do not request this size table if you cannot completely fill the table top. This is for people who have multiple cartloads of stuff.

  • 4’x4’ - $15 (16 square feet - half of a big minis table) Good if you have several boxes/bags/containers of stuff but do not require a full-sized table.

  • 3’x6’ - $10 (folding table on the lower mezzanine) Roughly 18 square feet though they are a little less than 3 feet wide.

  • 3’x3’ - $5 (half of a folding table on the lower mezzanine) Good if you just have a single banker/storage box/backpack/bag of stuff.

There are two simple rules:
1. We request that you ONLY bring miniatures, miniatures rules, and finished terrain to your seller’s table.

2. NO board games, RPGs, card games or terrain making supplies (such as flock, sand, moss, etc).

Seller table set-up will begin at 10 a.m. the morning of the event. At 10:30 a.m., sellers may take a half an hour to look over the other sellers’ stuff. At 11 a.m. we will open the upstairs to the public for the frenzy to begin! The event will end promptly at 3 p.m., so get here on time!

Any unsold or unwanted items must be taken home or thrown away. EndGame will not accept any leftovers.


In past years, flea market transactions went through the store, with earnings paid out in store credit. However, this time, transactions between buyer and seller are direct - buyers may request and sellers may pay for purchases in cash, on the spot. Sellers are free to accept other forms of payment (such as PayPal) as well. Sellers are advised to have some change on hand (EndGame cannot and will not provide change) and keep prices in rounded dollar amounts. All transactions are between buyer and seller


EndGame staff will be on hand to sell personal items. We will also be selling off as much of the miniatures wargaming related material on the mezzanine as we can. This includes store terrain pieces! We will NOT hold pieces for buyers in advance of the flea market (so please do not ask) and items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until they are gone. If more than one person is interested in an item, we will sell it to the highest bidder.

Sales of store fixtures, furniture and storage items can be arranged during the flea market, but if you are interested in these items, please speak to Matt Reid or PK.

Please note the card tables and chairs, and five of the six heavy miniatures gaming tables are already spoken for, but feel free to ask about something you are interested in. There is still one big minis table available. If you are seriously interested in owning a piece of EndGame gaming history, contact

Sales of EndGame items will be recorded on the spot on a sales ticket. The buyer does not receive the item(s) just yet. The buyer takes the sales ticket and proceeds downstairs to pay for the item(s) at the counter (multiple items can of course be paid for at the same time). You then bring the register receipt back upstairs to show proof of purchase and to receive the item(s).

IMPORTANT: Sellers, if you cannot attend, after reserving your table, for whatever reason, I require at least 24 hours notice (preferably more) so that I may offer your table space to someone else.