14th Annual EndGame Auction


Join us for one of our biggest annual events!

The 14th Annual EndGame Auction is coming your way on Saturday April 14, 2018! Join us for our yearly extravaganza. The auction includes new and used board games, historical games, card games, and CCGs. Sell your old games! Buy different games! Find nifty out-of-print games you've been looking for! We're accepting submissions from sellers effective immediately.

Info for buyers Each buyer claims a bid number at the front counter. The auction starts at 11am on the large mezzanine (aka the "minis mezz"). You'll have the preceding hour (10-11am) to browse the offerings on the small mezzanine (aka the "boardgame mezz").

During the auction, each time you win an item we'll give you that item to hang on to. Once you're ready to settle up, go down to the front counter to pay. You must pay for all your items on the day of the auction. No layaways!

Info for sellers When your games sell at auction you will receive the gavel price in EndGame store credit. The EndGame auction focuses entirely on Board Games. New, old, or in-between, complete or not, bring it on down. No role-playing games , card games, miniatures or miniatures games will be accepted for auction. We are always happy to purchase your used RPG books for the used section year round, and would prefer to handle those kinds of items in that fashion.

We're accepting auction lots starting Thursday, March 22. Watch for the announcement then. When you bring your games in for the auction, you will be asked to set a starting bid price, and fill out a seller's form. Download the seller's form and fill it out before you bring in your games to save yourself some time. The form contains instructions. The last day we will be accepting items for the auction is Thursday, April 12th. No items will be taken in on Friday or the day of the auction itself.

Credit will be available on Monday, April 16 for the full value in store merchandise. Credit will be issued as an EndGame gift card for use at your convenience. Auction credit cannot be redeemed for auction merchandise.

Games that fail to sell at the auction will be held by EndGame until April 30th. If unsold games are not picked up by April 30th, they will be considered donations to EndGame, and will be sold, donated, or trashed, as appropriate.

This is one of the year's biggest store events. Don't miss out!