“Alpha ConPlex” — A 3d6 CON* Special Edition


*Continuing in the tradition of the Mini-Con and Square One RPG Day, we bring you the Endgame 3d6 CON. This is a triannual day long event. We will feature six gaming tables of RPGs run by fabulous GMs.

July 22nd, 11am-5pm


The Computer is your friend. The Computer has ordered you to report for mission briefing on Sunday, July 22, 11am at Endgame.

Please register for your mission by emailing High Programmers Ezra U-DNY-1 and Jacob U-LND-6 at ezradenney@gmail.com and jacobelindsay@gmail.com. Please make the subject of your email “3D6 CON Registration.” Failure to provide the proper subject line is treason. Please provide your full name in the body of the email.

Registration will open on Friday, June 22nd.  There are 36 slots available. These will be filled first come first served. If all slots are filled we will take a wait list.

Upon arrival on July 22nd, you will be randomly assigned to one of the missions below. Failure to report for your assigned mission is treason. If, in the course of fulfilling your mission, your clone should become non-operational, your replacement clone will be assigned to a new mission by the Computer or a High Programmer.

Cancellations: If cancellation should become required, please do so by sending an email to ezradenney@gmail.com and jacobelindsay@gmail.com with the Subject: “3d6 CON Cancellation.” Please make sure to notify us in a timely manner if you need to cancel so that we can fill your slot.  If you are a “no show” or show a pattern of last minute cancellations you are a traitor and the organizers reserve the right to move you to the “end of the line” for future bookings.

The list of missions are as follows:

Mission: The Call of the Computer

Report to: Matt U-STL-2
Greetings troubleshooters. Your Mission, since you’ve already accepted it, is to investigate HPL sector and discover why so many citizens are being illegally upgraded to Green security clearance and put a stop to it. Please report to R&D for special protective gear prior to your mission briefing. Have a nice night cycle.

Mission: [Title Redacted]
Report to: Randall U-KNK-4
Congratulations Citizen and welcome to Alpha Complex! Your new job will be $JOBNOTFOUND, working with the finest $TEAMNOTFOUND in order to █████████. Failure will result in termination. Good luck!

Mission: Scope Creap
Report to: Eric U-LLM-1
Attention Troubleshooter Team H053D! Please report to Stage Alpha-16, tower level 62, Sector SFO in 5 minutes for a classified mission briefing. Your faithful service to the computer shall be rewarded! Please note: Due to an elevated terrorist threat level, all elevator service to sub level 22 Troubleshooter Team barracks has been suspended. Thank you.

Mission: Welcome to Alpha Cuteplex
Report to: Mike U-GRC-5
You’re the H.E.N.G.E., short for Heteromorphic Engineered Nonorganics that Generate Euphoria. In other words, you’re cute shapeshifting robots that are designed to make people happy. Unfortunately, your creators don’t know what happiness is because they are soulless unfeeling machines, but that won’t stop you from trying. Like the old robot proverb says, “Fail once, and be decommissioned so your next iteration can do a better job.”

Mission: The CompleX-Men
Report to: Ezra U-DNY-1
The CompleX-Men. A team of registered mutants who nobly turn their traitorous mutant powers into the service of Alpha Complex. Because sometimes you have to use treason to combat treason.

Mission: Mission #6

Report to: John U-TBD-6

This is Mission #6. Knowledge of the mission details is treason.  Asking questions about the mission is treason. Talking about the mission is treason. Failure to complete the mission is treason. Good hunting!

The Computer is your friend!