The NorCal Horus Heresy Narrative Group Presents:

The Assault on Pollari Minor- a Warhammer 30K Campaign Day Event

This event will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday October 23rd. We are looking for Traitors and Loyalists to take up the banner of their cause and join the battle for Pollari Minor. Bay Area Horus Heresy is excited to be hosting this campaign day event at Endgame, and we are looking forward to a day of gaming in the Age of Darkness.

The basic plan is to have a round (or two) of 30K Kill Team missions before the lunch break and then to move on to a full one vs. one game in the afternoon. These games will either be 2000 pts Book VI Shadow War missions, or 2500 pt. Book IV City Fight Missions. 

There is a limit of 10 players. Please contact Ted Purves to register. 

Event Information

  • Armies must be fully painted with no proxies.

  • No Primarchs, Knight lists, and Leviathan Force Org.

  • Kill team exceptions: 2+ armor is allowed but no terminator armor. 

    We are asking for a $15 event fee, which will be used for the prize pool and awarded at the end of the day.  Prizes will not be based upon match wins but rather metrics such as painting, army fluff, and sportsmanship.