Roleplaying Games are a cornerstone of our store. We carry a wide selection of the most popular RPGs out there, including Pathfinder, Star Wars, FFGs Warhammer 40,000 line and Call of Cthulhu. We also have a well-stocked shelf of indie games like Fiasco, Burning Wheel and many more. And of course, we have a full line of Evil Hat's FATE roleplaying game - EndGame is THE source for FATE in the country! Finally, our used games shelf occasionally has some real finds - you never know what old out-of-print game you used to love might show up there!

Our weekly role-playing activities include the Pathfinder Society on Monday nights from 7pm to 11pm. For more information, check out the EndGame Pathfinder page on the Warhorn event site.

We run D&D Encounters on Wednesday nights and are looking forward to more D&D as the new edition rolls out. Call ahead on the day for information or drop by the counter on Wednesday night.


And we don't just carry RPGs, we play them too! Pathfinder fans can join weekly Monday night sessions with the Pathfinder Society. We are also launching a monthly RPG event called Square One Roleplaying Day, where RPG fans come and play everything from the new hotness to old favorites to everything in between!