Valhalla Awaits!

SAGA players!  Sound the horns and summon the Fyrd to go a Viking! SAGA by Gripping Beast,  is a miniatures game of the Dark Ages where your warlord leads a band of hardened fighters to death or glory!

Starting Sunday, August 7, we’ll kick off a Saga campaign based on the new SAGA expansion, Age of the Wolf! After that, we will continue playing on the first Sunday of each month.

Starting war bands will be 4 points and be from the west, from those armies found in the books: Saga, Northern Fury and Raven’s Shadow.

We will roll up abilities, motivations, grudges and alliances at the first game day.  If we have large enough interest players will be placed in pools for the duration of the campaign turn to keep things manageable.  Turns will last one month so players can raid, defend and explore.  

Contact Chris R. if you are interested at