EndGame has two large mezzanine gaming areas. The lower mezzanine has eight folding tables for general gaming (accommodating up to 36 people before it starts getting crowded) and the upper mezzanine has six 8’ x 4’ purpose-built miniatures tables.

Our minis tables feature removable trays and can be quickly adapted for more general gaming purposes. We also have a large collection of painted terrain models to suit games like Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action, Saga, Star Wars: X-Wing, Dropzone Commander, and others.

Our mezzanine gaming space can be configured to host roleplaying, boardgaming, and CCG events. Generally, there is no charge to use our gaming space, but some events may require entry fees. Any such fees will be noted in the event description on our website.

When Can You Use it?

A calendar of scheduled events is available on our website here. It’s updated frequently, so check it out before dropping in. You are welcome to join us for any of our regularly scheduled weeknight events, and our more focused weekend events.

When an event is scheduled, it usually means that one or both of the mezzanine spaces is reserved for this activity. In this case, we may not be able to accommodate drop-ins on that day. It is always a good idea to look at the calendar and give us a call on the day you would like to play. That way we can check upstairs and let you know if there is any space available. Calling us is better than sending email or leaving Facebook posts, as these may not be seen or responded to in time.

Respecting the Gaming Area

We’re happy to provide a clean, well-lit and spacious area in which our community can play their favorite tabletop games. That’s partly why we run the store! (It’s even in our mission statement). And while we welcome everyone to stop by and enjoy themselves, we ask that everyone respect the gaming area.

First and foremost: be mindful of others. Keep your voices at a reasonable volume, don’t crowd someone else’s table, and generally mind your Ps and Qs. This might not always be easy, such as when there’s a question about who gets to use which tables. If tried and true politeness isn’t resolving the issue or there are questions that simply don’t have a clear answer, we invite you to approach any of our staff members to sort out potential inconveniences.

While we encourage our community members to make full use of our tabletop games and accessories, please put everything back the way you found it, or at least make a best effort to keep storage areas tidy. If you’re not sure which items are available for use or how best to set up a table, simply ask any staff member on duty and they will help you.

While not a hard requirement, we ask that you please move any chairs or tables that were moved during your play session back to their original places to help keep the playing area uncluttered for others.

Hosting Your Own Event

If you would like to host or run a community-focused gaming event yourself, that’s great! But please note that we are focused on building tabletop gaming communities, and we do not host private events such as birthday parties, product launches, and other non-gaming related events.

We also get many requests for hosting OP (organized play) events for various games. These are great and can draw a lot of people, but before we go all out on an OP event, we would like to see a community of fans playing the game simply because that's what they want to do (and would play it even without prize support)! 

So first, come and play, and if the community for your game grows, then we can discuss holding store-supported OP events.

Also keep in mind that our space is in very high demand and the schedule fills up quickly, sometimes several months in advance! Contact Mike Montesa (mike@endgameoakland.com), our Events Coordinator, at least one month (preferably more) in advance and we’ll work with you to set things up.