EndGame isn’t just a great place to buy games and hobby supplies, we have a spacious playing area for all to enjoy. To grow our local tabletop gaming community, we keep our doors open each weeknight to different communities so they can head over after work and enjoy their favorite games. The store is closed to general sales after hours, but feel free to stop in and play or observe. 

Please keep in mind that once the store closes at 7pm and a game night begins, EndGame staff will be facilitating the gaming experience for everyone on the mezzanine and will not be fully available at the register and will no longer be taking calls. 

Because all gaming nights begin around 7pm, we ask that you make a best effort to arrive prior to store closing. If you’re running late, never fear! The side door is available for entry, but the door is locked from the outside and someone will need to let you in. Please contact someone on the inside if you know a player, otherwise feel free to knock or wave your arms. But please understand that all guests and staff will most likely be upstairs, and may not see or hear you at the side door (though we do keep an eye on it).

Do note that when exiting the store after hours, please push firmly on the center of the side-door's handle twice while exiting so that it will close properly.


The Pathfinder Society – Strap on your adventuring gear and join us for a great night of roleplaying! EndGame runs events with the Pathfinder society every Monday night. Games will be DM'd by our local Pathfinder judges. Due to the popularity of this event, pre-registration is required. Go to http://www.warhorn.net/endgame to sign up. There are no table fees!

Star Wars: X-Wing – You know it, you love it, Star Wars is one of the most iconic franchises around and Fantasy Flight has created one of the most popular miniatures games about it. Games are played every other Monday (our calendar keeps track of when). Registration is required to play, so email organizer Brian Francis ahead of time or stop by and meet the players face to face.


Magic Modern Constructed – $5 Modern constructed event, no proxies, and a 3-round swiss cap. Games start promptly at 7pm, so please arrive by 6:45 to sign up so we can pair players. The night finishes by about 10pm, and 100% of the entry fees goes to store credit as prizes.

Warhammer 40k and Dropzone Commander – Grab your dice and push some plastic on EndGame's large miniatures tables. Until 6:30 pm, three tables are reserved for Warhammer 40k and three are reserved for Dropzone Commander. After 6:30, any open tables on the upper mezzanine are available for any miniatures game that doesn’t already have a dedicated evening slot (such as Warmachine and Infinity). 


Boardgame Night – Join us every Wednesday night for casual boardgame play. Each game usually takes an hour or less to play, so you can generally play a few over the course of the evening. This is a great chance to try new games you've heard about, or bring your favorite game to share with others. New players are always welcome – don't be shy!

Warmachine Casual and League Play – Join our sociable group of Warmachine players for ongoing casual play and league games. The focus of play is on building armies, narrative campaigns, having fun and friendly gaming.

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters – Heroes needed! Are you game? D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn Renown Points that you can use to get exclusive rewards. 

Each session only takes 1-2 hours to play, so it’s easy to fit your game in after school or work. And each week there’s a new and exciting challenge. Jump in anytime! Games start at 7:00pm and lasts until 9:00pm. 


Magic the Gathering Casual – Thursday night casual magic starts at 6pm and ends at 10. Come on by with your favorite deck, trade binders, or join an impromptu draft! This is our night to help the newest players learn the game. Or hop into a wild game of Commander, Planechase, or Cube!

Infinity League – Infinity is a skirmish based science fiction combat game, recreating the look and feel of a fast paced, cinematic firefight. Feel free to join our ongoing escalation league or show up for a pick-up game or sit-down for a demo. Infinity continues to grow in the United States, and this is a great opportunity to connect with other players in the Bay Area.


Young Generals – Friday nights aren't just a good time for grownups to unwind – they're a great time for kids too! A full-time EndGame staff member is on hand to teach the game, run some fun team games, and help kids learn the principles of good sportsmanship. The cost for this event is $5.00, which comes back to every participant in store credit. Credit is carried over from week to week so kids can save up for the models they want. Parents should drop their kids off at 6.00 and pick them up no later than 8.45.

Friday Night Magic – Friday Night Magic is sanctioned for Booster Draft and Standard based on the number of signups for each event. If enough sign up for both formats, then we will fire off both. Draft costs $15 and the prizes are one pack for each match won, and an additional pack for winning all three rounds. Standard is $5 with 100% going to store credit as prizes. Each night there are FNM promo cards handed out amongst the top players. Each month has a different promo card (check out the Friday Night Magic official website). Sign in begins at 6:30 and rounds start at 7pm.