Recreate the Battle of Yavin with EndGame's next X-Wing tournament on December 1st at 10 AM!

Entry details: Limited to 16 players, and a $5 fee will be charged which can be paid at the front counter the day of the event. Registration is appreciated. To register send an email to jeff.wilder@gmail.com.

Here are the rules we'll be following for this X-Wing event:

Allowed ships/cards: We will be using the Battle of Yavin theme event, found under Variants in the official X-Wing Squad Builder. Please use the app (also available online at https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com/) to ensure legality of your squadron within the event. Please bring two printed copies of your squadron to the event. (Feel free to use any squad builder to print your list, as long as you have checked the legality in the official app.) One will go to the tournament organizer (Jeff) to verify. We'll use Cryodex to determine pairings and opponents each round.

Match rules: All rules set forth in the official tournament guidelines and the X-Wing (Second Edition) rules and rulings will be followed. Any rules questions should be directed to the tournament organizer (Jeff).

Match rounds: Each round will be 75 minutes of game-play and a 10 minute break for scoring calculations. Depending on attendance, we will play three or four rounds, and either Swiss format or round-robin. We will try to stick to the following schedule as closely as possible. Note there is no scheduled meal break. If we go four rounds and players wish to take a break after the third round, we may do so.


Check in: 10:00-10:30am

Round 1: 10:30am-11:55am

Round 2: 11:55am-1:20pm

Round 3: 1:20-2:45pm

Round 4: 2:45pm-4:10pm

Prizes: Entry fees will be returned in the form of store credit. In addition, we will be awarding the Battle of Yavin prizes from the recently released Deluxe Wave Kit. Everyone will receive at least one item from the kit.

Parking: If you choose to drive, note that the city of Oakland does enforce meters on Saturdays. We highly recommend using a pay lot to avoid meter issues or taking BART. The best parking locally is the lot on 8th and Clay - $5 for 24 hours.