Young Generals

Gaming is one of the best ways we know of for kids to meet new people, challenge themselves and learn about good sportsmanship. All of us at EndGame have been playing hobby games since we were kids and we’re happy to announce the launch of a program that will introduce this fantastic pastime to a new generation of gamers—Young Generals!

We’ve had Young Generals as a store event in the past, but it had petered out over the years. Now, starting June 2, we’re bringing it back!

Young Generals is a kids-only gaming event, for kids ages 10 – 16 held each week on Friday evening at EndGame, Oakland, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Each week, we will focus on different types of games and different aspects of hobby gaming. The monthly schedule will look like this:

Week 1 – Miniatures painting and modelling – participants will learn to build and paint gaming miniatures.

Week 2 – Miniatures gaming – we’ll play minis games like Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action and Frostgrave using the models painted the previous week.

Week 3 – Boardgames – we will play various kinds of boardgames, such as Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, etc.

Week 4 – Roleplaying games – we will play various types of tabletop roleplaying games, like Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

Each evening will be led and supervised by an adult member of the EndGame staff—all are experienced gamers who in some cases, were once part of the old Young Generals program back in the day!


We’re excited to be raising up a new generation of gamers and we have a set of values we want them to live up to:

1. Winning is not as important as making sure everyone having fun.

2. Make the games fun for the other players.

3. Be a good sport – play hard but play fair and give the other player the benefit of the doubt.

4. Be a good winner. See point #1 above.

5. Be a good loser. Losing a game is not the end of the world. Figure out what went wrong, up your game and try again!

6. Don’t cheat. When you cheat, you cheat yourself and you actually become the loser, not the winner.

7. Help others learn your game and be enthusiastic about it. Share your knowledge but don't force it on people.

8. Be responsible. Be on time. Clean up after yourself. Honor your commitments.

FAQ for Parents

How much does it cost? There is no enrollment fee, however, for the miniatures painting and gaming nights, participants will need to purchase certain items such as their own miniatures, paint and brushes. A list of what is required is below, and our staff will be happy to help you find these items. For the other game nights, we will provide the necessary resources – games and books – to be used on-site. Of course, participants are free to bring and/or buy their own copies.

Is there a discount? No, but all participants will be registered in our Friends of EndGame reward program. All purchases made at the store are logged and for every $250 spent, you get 10% off all items on your next purchase.

Do I have to wait at the store? No. However, unless your child is old enough/responsible enough to go home on their own, you are required and expected to pick them up promptly at 8:30 p.m. If you do want or need to hang around, we have a small lounge in the store as well.

Does my child have to be there each week? No. If their interest is only RPGs, for example, they don’t need to come for the other game nights. But we certainly hope they’ll try other games!

My child is younger/older than the age range – can s/he still join in? In the case of older teens, we encourage them to join our regular gaming nights and events. Check our events calendar for a complete schedule. In the case of kids younger than 10, please hang on to them for a couple more years until they’re ready!

How do I register?

Send an email to with “Young Generals Registration” in the subject line. Include your name, the name of your child, address and phone number. Or, download and fill out the registration form and give it to us in person at the store.

Materials List

To take part in the Miniatures Painting nights, the following materials will be required. You don't need to get them from us, but we will be very happy if you do. If there is anything you need that we do not have in stock, just ask the staff to special order it for you!

Paintbrushes - A #1, #2 and a drybrush

Paint - A small selection of basic colors. We recommend Citadel paints. 1 Leadbelcher, 1 Macragge Blue, 1 Waaagh! Flesh, 1 Bugman's Glow, 1 Mephiston Red, 1 Mournfang Brown, 1 Abaddon Black, 1 Ceramite White, 1 Zandri Dust, 1 Averland Sunset and 1 Balthasar Gold.

A hobby knife - the basic X-acto knife

What miniatures should I buy?

To take part in the Miniatures Gaming nights, initially, we will initially be playing Warhammer 40,000, by Games Workshop. We recommend choosing one of the following miniature sets:

Astra Militarum Cadian Shock Troops

Astra Militarum Catachan Jungle Fighters

Chaos Space Marines

Craftworld Eldar

Harlequin Troupe

Ork Boyz

Skiitari Rangers

Space Marine Scouts

Please note! If you are only coming for the Miniatures Painting nights, feel free to bring any miniatures you want to paint.